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WhatsApp Pink: No Means No!!!

A link claiming to change the original green colour of WhatsApp logo to pink is being circulated on WhatsApp groups like crazy. Don't click on it.

A malicious link is being shared on WhatsApp groups that claim to change the theme of the chat app to a pink-coloured one. Under the name WhatsApp Pink, the link is, in fact, an attempt by hackers to gain control over a targeted device.

The new threat link is being shared under the name WhatsApp Pink and claims that it can turn the theme of WhatsApp from its iconic green to that of pink colour. The link also offers additional features to lure victims and tries to legitimise its existence by deeming the theme a new official look by WhatsApp. Several WhatsApp users have reported receiving such a link on their phones, while many have forwarded it without knowing its real purpose.

What is WhatsApp Pink link?

The wide spreading WhatsApp message that comes with a link claims that the color of WhatsApp will change to pink on clicking the link. This link is nothing, but a virus and you should refrain from clicking on it.

It should also be noted that, no link or anything can change the original logo or the colour of any app. If there’s a change in the logo, there should be an official announcement by the company for the same. Otherwise, it’s a new way to trick users and steal access to their account.

However, a cyber expert has warned that the link performs no actions as advertised and instead is a tool for hackers to gain access to a target device. The link can possibly lock the victims out of their WhatsApp accounts or even their smartphones in some cases.

The expert warns that the link is devious enough to allow the hacker to gain full access to your phone and its data.

Cyber intelligence firm Voyager Infosec director Jiten Jain said that users are strictly advised never to install any APK or mobile app other than those available on official App store of Google or Apple.

“Such malicious apps can be used to compromise your phone and steal personal data like –photos, sms, contacts etc. Keyboard based malwares can be used to track everything you type. It can be used to capture and steal banking passwords. The current case of Pink Whatsapp or Whatsapp Gold is also a case of malware impersonating as fake whatsapp feature apps,” Jain said.

When contacted, Whatsapp said, “Anyone can get an unusual, uncharacteristic or suspicious message on any service, including email, and anytime that happens we strongly encourage everyone to use caution before responding or engaging. On WhatsApp in particular, we also recommend that people use the tools that we provide within the app to send us a report, report a contact or block contact.

Here are tips to stay safe from such malicious links:

-Identify the link. Check the keywords in the URL. Always go back and check the link of the official website.

-Check for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

-Don’t click on links that claim free gifts, unofficial changes to app and more.

-Refrain from forwarding such links to other WhatsApp contacts.

-In this case, check the official WhatsApp website and find out if there’s an official feature that changes green logo to pink.


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