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PM Modi: Chaired COVID-19 Conference with CM’s

PM Narendra Modi chaired a meeting on Covid-19 situation with chief ministers on Friday. The prime minister requested states to be strict with hoarding and black marketing of essential medicines and injections. he stressed that safety of hospitals should not be neglected.

From issuing new advisories for coronavirus patients and workers treating them to ramping up of the vaccine and medical oxygen production, concerned ministries and authorities are leaving no stone unturned in their bid to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

In view of the alarming situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a review of the situation in 10 worst-hit states in the country and discussed the next course of action with the respective Chief Ministers of these states.

PM Modi urged states to set up high-level coordination committees to carry oxygen to hospitals.
PM Modi assured Centre’s full support to all states in COVID-19 fight and every state should ensure no oxygen tanker, meant for any state, is stopped or gets stranded.

PM Modi stated that the central government is working on all possible options to reduce the travel time and turnaround time of oxygen tankers. For this, Railways has started Oxygen Express. Empty Oxygen tankers are also being transported by the Air Force to reduce one way travel time.


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